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August 21, 2019 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

With your permission I want to present to you my sincere initiatives and

In the spirit of faith, solidarity, humanity and common sense appeal to your wisdom and kindness as a human of this planet with the request friendship sustains me if you consider setting up a foundation for humanitarian work with 6.600 million American United States dollars inherited from my late husband who was an industrialist.

I decided to donate these funds because I have no child and my days are numbered according to my physician who always examines my health because I was diagnosed by serious lung and breast cancer and will be going for my third surgical operation next week.

I want you to use these funds nationally and internationally to people without hope, against which we must not be careless. I am mrs.joelledion Aged 73, and childless, always cheerful with a desire to do good and give those who need help. The principles which I rely in life are faith, humanity, solidarity, respect and trust. Please always put me in your daily prayers so that God will grant more days to my leaving and confirm these funds into your hand.

Hoping to hearing from you soonest with your information that I will submit to the bank for the transfer of this money to your account and your delays in replying to this message will create an avenue of searching for another person that will understand the nature of my situation in other to handle this donation funds gloriously to the Kingdom of God.

I am urgently expecting your kind acceptance reply through my private email address (
Remain blessed with your family,