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11/19/2017 – For What Should We Be Thankful? (Dr. Jay L. Wile)


11/5/2017 – Detective work in Scripture (Superintendent John Lane)


10/29/2017-  Is This The Way It’s Supposed to Be? (Superintendent John Lane)


10/22/2017- Reformation 500! (Dr. Jay L. Wile)


10/15/2017- Seeing Relationships The Way God Sees Them (Marc Adams)


10/8/2017- Cultivating Growth (Jon Stemerick)


9/17/2017- Communicating Hope (Marc Adams)


9/10/2017- The Wesley Vision (Marc Adams)


8/27/2017- Breaking Down Barriers (Marc Adams)


8/13/2017- God’s Promise For Revival (Marc Adams)


7/30/2017- Prayer: Unleashing God’s Power (Marc Adams)


7/23/2017- Finding Peace (Marc Adams) **Audio begins at the 2:33 mark


7/9/2017- Using History To Understand Scripture (Dr. Jay Wile)


6/25/2017- Knowing God (Andrea Kirkpatrick)


6/18/2017- The Day I Lay My Isaac Down (Marc Adams)


6/4/2017- Conquering Your Giants (Marc Adams)


5/28/2017- Lessons From The Storm (Marc Adams)


5/21/2017- Graduate Sunday (Marc Adams & Stephanie Fertucci)


5/14/2017- All Things Are Possible: The Story of Gladys Aylward (Diana Waring)


5/7/2017- Happy To Be Hurting (Marc Adams)


4/30/2017-  Faith Promise and Today’s World (Marc Adams)


4/23/2017- When Life Seems Unfair (Marc Adams)


3/5/2017- Three Things Sin Will Always Do (Marc Adams)


2/19/2017- God’s Formula For Success (Marc Adams)


1/8/2017- The Price of Disobedience (Marc Adams)


1/1/2017- The First Sin & The Fall of Man (Marc Adams)