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01/27/2019 – Growing Up Jesus (Pastor Blake Chenoweth)

02/03/2019 – Temptation of Jesus (Pastor Blake Chenoweth)

02/10/2019-  The Rejection of Jesus (Pastor Blake Chenoweth)

02/17/2019-  The Healings of Jesus (Pastor Blake Chenoweth)

02/24/2019- The Callings of Jesus (Blake Chenoweth)

03/03/2019- The Transfiguration of Jesus (Blake Chenoweth)

03/10/2019- The Children, the Rich, and Jesus (Blake Chenoweth)

03/17/2019- The Temple and Jesus (Blake Chenoweth)

03/24/2019-  The Last Supper (Blake Chenoweth)

04/07/2019-  The Prayers and Arrest of Jesus (Blake Chenoweth)

04/14/2019- The Death of Jesus (Blake Chenoweth)

04/21/2019- Easter Sunday: The Revealing of Jesus (Blake Chenoweth)

05/05/2019- Blessings and Woes (Blake Chenoweth)