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Wesley Free Methodist’s Mission

      … Love God

        … Love others

                        Lead people to a growing relationship with Christ


Wesley Free Methodist’s Vision

At the heart of our ministry are four simple words:
  • Communicate
  • Celebrate
  • Cultivate
  • Connect



We are committed to being a church that communicates the love of Christ; a church that unchurched people love to attend; a place of grace, healing and acceptance.   We see a place where hurting people find hope, where people in the midst of life’€s storms find refuge, where the rejected find acceptance, where the condemned find mercy, where the unlovable find compassion, where the discouraged find courage.  (Romans 15:7)



We are committed to celebrating the freedom and forgiveness we have in Christ through worship.   We recognize that worship is a lifestyle, not just a service.   Our lives should reflect the difference Christ has made in us. (Rom. 12:1-2)We see a place where the people are passionate about worship, and experience the miraculous, life-changing power of the presence of God every week.



We are committed to cultivating growth emotionally, personally and spiritually through educational opportunities, classes, small groups and counseling settings. (Hebrews 6:1)   We see a place where people are developed into Christlike maturity through Bible studies, discipleship classes, mentoring/accountability relationships and leadership development.   We see a place that meets the needs of the community by offering ministry and classes to help people with finances, family problems and more.   We see a place where people struggling with the shackles of addiction can find the freedom that only Jesus Christ can bring.



We are committed to connecting with each other, recognizing that Christ-centered relationships create a sense of unity and belonging.   (Psalm 133:1)We see a place where people care for each other’€s needs; where the phrase ‘€church family’€ is more than just a term or description, but a way of life; where relationships are easily formed because trust is paramount; where unity is protected at all cost.