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Wesley Free Methodist Church- Anderson, IN.

Wesley Free Methodist Church had its beginning with a small group of people who were hungering and thirsting after scriptural Christianity.

The first meeting was in a local Holiday Inn in October 1969. Services began the next Sunday in a Seventh Day Adventist Church on West 8th Street in Anderson. The group of believers grew so rapidly that they needed to move to the Northside Junior High School to accommodate their growth and they remained there until they were able to move into their new facilities at 3017 West 8th Street.

The congregation was known as Wesley Chapel and was affiliated with another denomination until June 1983. On January 1, 1984 the congregation officially became a part of the Free Methodist Church USA and was named the Wesley Free Methodist Church.

The name ‘€Wesley’€ identifies the church and its members with the great scriptural doctrines proclaimed by John Wesley and the Methodist movement.

Over the years, the church has grown, purchased additional property and added a Christian Education Wing and a Family Life & Community Center which includes a full gymnasium.

Senior Pastors who have served Wesley include: Max Morgan, Keith Eckhardt, Jeff Blake, Elmer Riggs, John Clark, Harvey Fry, John Lane, Mark Murphy, Marc Adams, Blake Chenoweth, and presently Mike Hopper.