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At Wesley Free Methodist Church, we believe that the Body of Christ includes all who trust and follow Jesus. We also believe that the Bible is God’€s written Word, uniquely inspired by the Holy Spirit and completely trustworthy in all it affirms.

God is the Creator of the heavens and the earth and is sovereign, perfect and holy.

Jesus Christ is the divine Son of God who came to offer Himself on the Cross for the forgiveness of our sins and to provide salvation to all who respond in faith. Salvation, which is solely by personal faith in Jesus Christ, manifests itself in the life of the believer in the sincere desire to live life according to God’€s will, primarily as revealed in the Bible.

The experience of the Spirit-filled life is God’€s promise to every follower of Jesus and occurs as one is given totally to God and results in a life of holy living and loving witness for Christ.

The Lord Jesus Christ will return to earth someday. Those who died in the faith will be resurrected, and as followers of Christ will be taken to heaven, along with all believers then living. All who have rejected the good news of life in Jesus will spend eternity separated from God.

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